Are the repairs visible?

No - The Polished window panes will look no different from untouched ones.

Can all types of glass be repaired?

No - Texture and coated glass cannot be repaired.

Will it weaken the glass?

No - The scratch has already weakened the glass by causing a strain, we were asked to provide independent testing for London Underground and managed to prove that the Glass Polish process actually strengthens the glass, using our unique system our technicians remove the scratch creating a structurally sound piece of glass..

Can toughened glass be repaired?

Yes - No problem at all, it is actually easier to repair and our system works very efficiently on tempered glass because of the glass density. Our scratch removal system work equally well on laminated, curved, plate and mirrored glass. We are capable of handling any thickness of glass, including single glazing strength.

Will it work on curved glass?

Yes - Absolutely we have special backing pads designed for work on curved glass allowing the same brilliant results, our system is light, compact and can reach places before considered unreachable.

Does it work on tinted glass?

Yes - the polishing process won't take anything away since the tint goes all the way through the glass.

Can you repair car windscreens?

Yes- no problem we can repair windscreens and all other car glass, we can even polish headlights and taillights.

Can you remove mineral deposits, acid etching or chemical damage?

Yes - Mineral deposits, acid etching or chemical damage are removed with great ease.

Does the glass have to be removed?

No- All work is carried out on site, unless access does not permit it and then other arrangements will be made.

How close to the edge can you polish?

We can typically polish scratches right up to the edge of the glass our scratch repair process is not limited.

How do I place an order?

A simple phone call or online enquiry will set the ball in motion. we will advise you if we need to come to assess the damage, because we have vast experience removing every type of damage from all types of glass, we can quote most repairs over the phone, once agreed we will draw up a contract to meet your specific needs.

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Scrathced Glass Repair, Glass Scratch RemovalRemoving Scratches from Glass
With Glass Polish scratched glass repair has never been easier, we can remove any depth of scratch from all types of glass.
Chipped & Cracked Glass Repair
Chips or Cracks often signal the life end of glass we can inject resin and restore the structural integrity of damaged glass.
Graffiti Scratches Removal
If vandals left graffiti scratches on your glass, we can remove them with zero distortion, at a lower cost than replacement.
Plastic, Acrylic Scratch Removal and Repair
Polish away scratches or haziness from plastic and acrylic surfaces, renew your acrylic fish tanks and designer furniture.
Acid Etching polish and repair
Some graffiti vandals use acid to attack the glass we can remove acid etching damage from glass quickly and cheaply.
Chemical Damage remove and protect
Chemical Damage, Mineral deposits or Lime scale we can polish the damage resotre the glass and apply a protective coating.
Remove Grinder Splatter from Glass
Using an angle grinder near glass can cause splatter burn marks, we are a specialist in removing grinder splatter damage.
Removing Weld Splatter from Glass
Weld splatter can cause serious damage to glass, in most cases we can repair and restore the glass to it’s original condition
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